My Baby girl learned to pump her legs!!

I’ve been missing, I am back. And I am excited!  More on the last year and a half a little later….

My baby girl turned me into the crazy mom that thinks her child is brilliant and magical and the most fascinating person on this terrific planet, today! She did that in TWO tiny little motions. She pumped her legs forward and then she pumped them backwards ON THE SWING!  Do you know what this means?!  Not only is she a genius and smartest 4 year old in the world but mommy does not have to push anymore ; )

In all seriousness – my first thoughts were not “Is she doing this in time?  Is she the last/first kid to do this in her class?  Is this an academic milestone?!”  Nope. My first thought was “My baby girl has figured out how to FLY!!  My little girl has figured out the joy in swinging for hours!”  (she was our there for 45 minutes just enjoying her latest talent!! And if her chicken nuggets were not waiting for  her – who knows how long she would have been out there for!!??) My heart is FULL for her and for the smile that this milestone brought to her face!  I called Nana to tell her and Regan told her to come right over so she could show her!  We took a video, we laughed and we cheered her on!  And then I looked at my baby girl – who did not look like a baby girl anymore!  She looked like a little girl who just found the best secret in the world!  How to swing!  All by herself!  And that smile meant more to me than anything in this world!  She was full of pride and her mommy was just as full as she cheered her on!

This little girl amazes me and surprises me every single day!  Thank you for letting me share it with you!!


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